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Owners Of Burial Sites and Mausoleum Spaces

Located in Naples Memorial Cemetery

Naples, Florida

This site is NOT associated in any way with SCI Management or with Hodges Funeral Home, or with Naples Memorial Funeral Home, or with Dignity Memorial Funeral Home all of which are operated by SCI Management, nor for that matter, with any other funeral home.

This is a free site devoted exclusively to enable individuals to negotiate the buying and selling, amongst themselves, of any properties within Naples Memorial Gardens, as they may chose, without the involvement or the fees of a funeral director or cemetery broker.

There are no fees, commissions or charges of any sort for the use of this site. This website is totally free and exclusively for those who may need a burial site and/or for those who have previously purchased but no longer require a burial site.

A lucrative selling tactic marketed by funeral operators is the "preneed" contract. Many persons prepare for the loss of a family member by paying in advance for the costs anticipated to be incurred. While this may sound reasonable in theory, One should be aware that it might not be the best approach.

A number of problems have been reported by some who have utilized this approach. This article, published by Funeral Consumers Alliance reveals the harm that can result when the firms to which the funds have been entrusted are no longer solvent, or can no longer honor the services promised for the dollar amounts originally agreed upon because inflation has eroded the value of the preneed payment.

When the need arises, most funeral requirements, such as caskets, services etc. are available from any one of many funeral homes. The cost of space in a cemetery, on the other hand, is subject to availability at that specific moment.

Peace of mind can be achieved when a final resting place for a loved one has been provided. While it may be comforting to know that space requirements have been arranged, it is also assuring that in the event of an unanticipated financial emergency, the site may be sold, and usually at a price greater than the original purchase price. Sites that sold for $400.00 each 20 or 30 years ago are selling for as much as $2000.00 to $3000.00 each today.

Increasing land values have resulted in burial plots becoming substantially more costly to acquire each year. Continued:

Photos by PH Goss, showing the entrance sign and a fountain on the grounds of
Naples Memorial Gardens, property of SCI Management.